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 Automatic Playback
 File I/O
 File Loading
 Main and Miscellanious
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureBufferDataFromFile(
   const ALchar *fname,
   ALuint buffer
Loads the given file into an existing OpenAL buffer object.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureBufferDataFromMemory(
   const ALubyte *fdata,
   ALsizei length,
   ALuint buffer
Loads a file image from memory into an existing OpenAL buffer object, similar to alureBufferDataFromFile.
ALURE_API ALsizei ALURE_APIENTRY alureBufferDataFromStream(alureStream *stream,
ALsizei numBufs,
ALuint *bufs)
Buffers the given buffer objects with the next chunks of data from the stream.
ALURE_API ALuint ALURE_APIENTRY alureCreateBufferFromFile(const ALchar *fname)
Loads the given file into a new OpenAL buffer object.
ALURE_API ALuint ALURE_APIENTRY alureCreateBufferFromMemory(
   const ALubyte *fdata,
   ALsizei length
Loads a file image from memory into a new OpenAL buffer object, similar to alureCreateBufferFromFile.
ALURE_API alureStream* ALURE_APIENTRY alureCreateStreamFromCallback(
   ALuint (*callback)(void *userdata, ALubyte *data, ALuint bytes),
   void *userdata,
   ALenum format,
   ALuint samplerate,
   ALsizei chunkLength,
   ALsizei numBufs,
   ALuint *bufs
Creates a stream using the specified callback to retrieve data.
ALURE_API alureStream* ALURE_APIENTRY alureCreateStreamFromFile(
   const ALchar *fname,
   ALsizei chunkLength,
   ALsizei numBufs,
   ALuint *bufs
Opens a file and sets it up for streaming.
ALURE_API alureStream* ALURE_APIENTRY alureCreateStreamFromMemory(
   const ALubyte *fdata,
   ALuint length,
   ALsizei chunkLength,
   ALsizei numBufs,
   ALuint *bufs
Opens a file image from memory and sets it up for streaming, similar to alureCreateStreamFromFile.
ALURE_API alureStream* ALURE_APIENTRY alureCreateStreamFromStaticMemory(
   const ALubyte *fdata,
   ALuint length,
   ALsizei chunkLength,
   ALsizei numBufs,
   ALuint *bufs
Identical to alureCreateStreamFromMemory, except the given memory is used directly and not duplicated.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureDestroyStream(alureStream *stream,
ALsizei numBufs,
ALuint *bufs)
Closes an opened stream.
ALURE_API ALvoid ALURE_APIENTRY alureFreeDeviceNames(const ALCchar **names)
Frees the device name array returned from alureGetDeviceNames.
ALURE_API const ALCchar** ALURE_APIENTRY alureGetDeviceNames(ALCboolean all,
ALCsizei *count)
Gets an array of device name strings from OpenAL.
ALURE_API const ALchar* ALURE_APIENTRY alureGetErrorString(void)
Returns a string describing the last error encountered.
ALURE_API void* ALURE_APIENTRY alureGetProcAddress(const ALchar *funcname)
Returns a pointer for the named ALURE function.
ALURE_API ALenum ALURE_APIENTRY alureGetSampleFormat(ALuint channels,
ALuint bits,
ALuint floatbits)
Retrieves an OpenAL format for the given sample format.
ALURE_API ALsizei ALURE_APIENTRY alureGetStreamFrequency(alureStream *stream)
Retrieves the frequency used by the given stream.
ALURE_API alureInt64 ALURE_APIENTRY alureGetStreamLength(alureStream *stream)
Retrieves an approximate number of samples for the stream.
ALURE_API void ALURE_APIENTRY alureGetVersion(ALuint *major,
ALuint *minor)
Stores the major and minor version of the library.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureInitDevice(const ALCchar *name,
const ALCint *attribs)
Opens the named device, creates a context with the given attributes, and sets that context as current.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureInstallDecodeCallbacks(
   ALint index,
   void *(*open_file)(const ALchar *filename),
   void *(*open_memory)(const ALubyte *data, ALuint length),
   ALboolean (*get_format)(void *instance, ALenum *format, ALuint *samplerate, ALuint *blocksize),
   ALuint (*decode)(void *instance, ALubyte *data, ALuint bytes),
   ALboolean (*rewind)(void *instance),
   void (*close)(void *instance)
Installs callbacks to enable ALURE to handle more file types.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alurePauseSource(ALuint source)
Pauses the specified source ID, and any associated stream.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alurePlaySource(
   ALuint source,
   void (*callback)(void *userdata, ALuint source),
   void *userdata
Plays the specified source ID and watches for it to stop.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alurePlaySourceStream(
   ALuint source,
   alureStream *stream,
   ALsizei numBufs,
   ALsizei loopcount,
   void (*eos_callback)(void *userdata, ALuint source),
   void *userdata
Starts playing a stream, using the specified source ID.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureResumeSource(ALuint source)
Resumes the specified source ID after being paused.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureRewindStream(alureStream *stream)
Rewinds the stream so that the next alureBufferDataFromStream call will restart from the beginning of the audio file.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureSetIOCallbacks(
   void *(*open)(const char *filename, ALuint mode),
   void (*close)(void *handle),
   ALsizei (*read)(void *handle, ALubyte *buf, ALuint bytes),
   ALsizei (*write)(void *handle, const ALubyte *buf, ALuint bytes),
   alureInt64 (*seek)(void *handle, alureInt64 offset, int whence)
Provides callbacks for alternative methods to handle file I/O.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureSetStreamOrder(alureStream *stream,
ALuint order)
Skips the module decoder to the specified order, so following buffering calls will decode from the specified order.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureSetStreamPatchset(
   alureStream *stream,
   const ALchar *patchset
Specifies the patchset to use for MIDI streams.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureShutdownDevice(void)
Destroys the current context and closes its associated device.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureSleep(ALfloat duration)
Rests the calling thread for the given number of seconds.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureStopSource(ALuint source,
ALboolean run_callback)
Stops the specified source ID, and any associated stream.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureStreamSizeIsMicroSec(ALboolean useUS)
Specifies if the chunk size value given to the alureCreateStream functions is in bytes (default) or microseconds.
ALURE_API void ALURE_APIENTRY alureUpdate(void)
Updates the running list of streams, and checks for stopped sources.
ALURE_API ALboolean ALURE_APIENTRY alureUpdateInterval(ALfloat interval)
Sets up a timer or thread to automatically call alureUpdate at the given interval, in seconds.